Democratic Primary Candidates Chatman and Levine Release TV Ads in Wake of June 10th Primary

With two weeks left in the Democratic primary race for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, candidates Lavern Chatman and Mark Levine have released new television ads, reports The Washington Post.

Virginia’s 8th district encompasses Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington and a portion of Fairfax County.

In Chatman’s debut ad of her campaign she stresses her background and up bringing as a part of Virginia’s working class. The ad also emphasizes Chatman’s goals of raising the minimum wage, women’s health and equal pay.

Levine takes on the Tea Party in his second campaign ad. Armed with his copy of the Constitution, Levine opens saying, “It begins with the ‘We the People’ and the word ‘corporation’ isn’t found anywhere in it.”

The campaign’s front-runner, former ambassador to Switzerland Don Beyer, has also released television ads along with Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille. The races remaining candidates, state Del. Patrick A. Hope, Virginia Tech professor Derek Hyra and state Sen. Adam P. Ebbin have not released any ads.

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