Underdog Gillespie Could Upset Warner in Senate Race

Ed Gillespie, who won the Virginia Republican Senate nomination this past Saturday, could possibly defeat incumbent Senator Mark Warner (D) in November.

While Gillespie defeated three opponents in the Republican convention, he is facing off against Warner as the “decided underdog,” according to POLITICO. Not only is Warner the richest member of Senate, but he has also developed a strong, positive public image in Virginia. Gillespie has yet to establish his image, giving Warner and his campaign team the opportunity to brand him as a “’partisan warrior’ who is as much to blame for Washington gridlock as anyone else,” according to POLITICO.

On the other hand, the intense focus on health care that the state budget impasse has brought to light could play against Warner, who supports the Affordable Care Act. While Warner focuses on fixing the problem in the current health care act, Gillespie is promising to develop an alternative plan entirely. Furthermore, some are hopeful that Gillespie will be able to win over Northern Virginia, which swung left in the past two presidential elections. His previous support for comprehensive immigration reform and his Fairfax address may help him connect with the sprawling suburbs.

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