Brad Froman of Fredericksburg Enters U.S. Senate Race as Write-In Candidate

Brad Froman, a small business owner, has decided to enter the U.S. Senate race as an independent, write-in candidate reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In a video on Froman’s website he holds that Democrats and Republicans have “seriously damaged” Washington. Froman also promises a campaign that is positive and focuses on the issues.

“My goal is to earn your support with ideas that create a healthier, stronger foundation for you and your family that ends the abuse of hard-working tax payers by the political class,” Froman claims.

Froman has also vowed to run a moneyless campaign. This results in his decision to run as a write in candidate because he did not have the $45,000 to $90,000 that would be needed to petition for signatures to get on the ballot. He plans to campaign by speaking to groups and utilizing social media to spread his message.

“I am gambling on the voters looking for and independent candidate with good, common sense ideas who will not be tainted by money,” Froman said Tuesday.

Froman will run against Ed Gillespie (R) and incumbent Mark Warner (D), who has served in the Senate since 2009.

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