McAuliffe Brings Paper Plant to Richmond

On Wednesday, Gov. McAuliffe announced plans for a Chinese paper manufacturing plant that will be built in Richmond suburbs, reports The Washington Post.

The deal with Shandong Tranlin Paper Co. will create almost 2,000 jobs with the $2 billion plant that makes paper from corn stalks and other agricultural field waste. The article states that McAuliffe used a $5 million dollar grant from the Governor’s Opportunity fund to entice the company, showcasing his effort to expand and diversify the state’s defense-heavy economic portfolio.

This is only one of many recent economic deals between China and Virginia, cementing the country’s importance in the state’s economy.

Last week, the first shipment of Virginia chicken was sent to China after a seven-year ban was put in place because of the avian flu outbreak at a Virginia farm. Additionally, Dulles International Airport celebrated the beginning of non-stop Air China flights to Beijing. Last year, Virginia welcomed 22,000 Chinese visitors, a 69% increase from previous years.

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