Corruption Case Against Puckett and Kilgore Will Be Difficult

According to the Washington Post, federal investigators that are looking to build a corruption case again state senator Phillip P. Puckett or Del. Terry G. Kilgore will face an uphill battle.

In a 2010 ruling by the Supreme Court, it was decided that you cannot prosecute legislators or government officials because they engaged in self-dealing or conflict of interest arrangement.

The prosecutors in this case would have to show that there was a quid pro quo situation and that the two men accepted some form of bribe.

After Talks with GOP lawmakers Puckett, a Democrat from Russell County resigned amidst the budget deadlock giving the Republican’s the upper hand. Puckett then took a job at the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification, while securing a judgeship position for his daughter. Kilgore, was a chairman on the tobacco commission and has confirmed that he spoken with Puckett regarding the position prior to Puckett announcing his resignation.

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