July 1st Marks the Start to a Heap of New Legislation in Virginia

Hundreds of new laws are set to become effective in Virginia on July 1, 2014. From holiday festivities to bicycle lanes, the start of July signifies many important legislative changes. The Richmond Times Dispatch outlines some of these changes today. Listen up, some of these adjustments might be pertinent to you!

Just in time for Fourth of July, “Brendan’s Law,” will become active tomorrow. A tragic happening that occurred nearly a year ago, when 7-year-old Brendan Mackey was killed by a falling bullet from a celebratory gunshot inspired this law. Brendan’s Law makes a celebratory gunshot where someone is wounded a class 6 felony. Maybe Virginia’s 4th of July partiers will think twice before carelessly firing into the air this year.

Also starting tomorrow, voters will be required to present a photo ID if they wish to vote. Acceptable IDs are varied. Driver’s Licenses, passports, student IDs are all adequate and people without a photo ID can apply for a free, state-issued ID card with any local registrars.

New regulations regarding hunting on Sunday are to take place as well. Now, any landowner, his immediate family or a person with the landowner’s permission is allowed to hunt and kill any wild animals on the landowner’s property on Sunday. However, hunting within 200 yards of a house of worship is forbidden, as is using a dog for hunting purposes on Sunday.

Finally, a law that may be relief to many bike riders goes into effect tomorrow, too. Under Virginia law, motorists will be required to leave three feet, as opposed to two, of clearance between a car and a bicyclist for passing purposes.

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