Del. Brink Resigns, Special Election Underway

Virginia’s 48th district is gearing up for a special election, taking place on August 19th.  This district consists of 13 Arlington precincts and 8 Fairfax precincts. This election is being held to fill Delegate Robert (Bob) Brink’s  (D-Arlington) seat in Virginia’s General Assembly because he is resigning to take an administration position for Governor Terry McAuliffe.

According to The Washington Post, Virginia’s law requires political parties to identify their candidate 5 days after the special election date has been set and announced, so the scramble is well underway. Parties have until July 5 at 7 p.m. to decide who will be representing them in this election.

Although the district has voted overwhelmingly Democratic in the past, there are some Republicans that are considering running for the position according to Matt Wavro, the Arlington County GOP Chairman. They have yet to arrive at a method for selecting a nominee, but preparations are ongoing. Democrats are also busy putting together a caucus to choose their nominee that is scheduled to take place at York Town High School and McLean High School.

David Boling and Richard “Rip” Sullivan are among the Democrats that have already publicly announced their interest in being a candidate. All interested candidates are obligated to introduce themselves on Wednesday at the county Democrat’s monthly meeting to prepare for Saturday’s final nominee decision.


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