Virginian Del. Joseph Morrissey Under Scrutiny for Sexual Charges

Delegate Joseph Morrissey (D-Highland Springs) is accused of having an affair with a 17-year-old girl as well as the possession and distribution of child pornography. Despite his long history of scandalous outbursts, The Washington Post reports that Morrissey is passionately denying all allegations and is not interested in stepping down from his role in Virginia’s General Assembly.

The prosecutor in this case is Spotsylvania Commonwealth’s Attorney William F. Neely. Del. Morrissey, a former criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor himself, claims that Neely secretly has it out for him because of two cases that they tried against each other nearly 20 years ago. Neely disagrees maintaining that he is, “merely doing [his] best as a career prosecutor to follow Virginia law in this criminal investigation.”

Morrissey believes that this scandal is a part of a elaborate scheme to undermine his credibility by a third party participant pretending to be the victim via text message. Court documents suggest that Morrissey and the young girl were having an affair at his law office and his home, as well as exchanging text messages about the affair with each other and with friends. Again, Morrissey denies all claims and is confident that he will be acquitted.

Oddly, among the few people that are in Morrissey’s corner are the young girl who he is accused of having an affair with and her mother. The mother declares that the text messages are completely absurd and that her daughter did not send them. She holds that Morrissey was always a gentleman and very respectful.

Unfortunately, a number of Virginia’s delegates have been under increased scrutiny for alleged legal and ethical discrepancies.  Many delegates, including Mark L. Keam  (D-Fairfax) feel that legislators under such controversial examination should resign regardless of whether they are innocent or not.

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