Poll Provides Indication of Upcoming Elections

A recent Roanoke College Poll released on July 24 revealed that Virginia voters favor Sen. Mark Warner (D) over Republican Ed Gillespie, but they are divided on Medicaid expansion.

Warner, the incumbent senator, holds a strong 25-point lead over Gillespie, who has yet to fully introduce himself to voters. Of those polled, 75 percent said that they did not know enough about the Republican candidate to form an opinion – a number that has not changed since January.

With regard to Medicaid, Virginia voters are divided, with 46 percent opposing and 42 percent favoring expansion of the healthcare program. Even in spite of the statewide split, 61 percent of those polled think that McAuliffe ought to work with the General Assembly rather than use his executive powers. Twenty-eight percent of those in favor of expansion agree that McAuliffe should not act on his own.

While McAuliffe’s approval ratings only improved by one percentage point since January, his disapproval ratings have jumped up 11 points in the same amount of time. The Roanoke College Poll reports that Virginia voters are more pessimistic than they have been in the past 18 months, with only 43 percent reporting that they feel the Commonwealth is on the right track.

The pollsters interviewed 556 registered voters in Virginia between July 14 and 19, and it has a margin of error of 4.2 percent. The sample included landlines and cell phones, with the latter forming 36 percent of the completed interviews.

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