McDonnell’s Unsavory Marriage Details Used As Main Line of Defense

After months of being publicly portrayed as corrupt money-grubbers, Bob and Maureen McDonnell, former governor and first lady of Virginia, were finally able to express their side of a controversial case, involving public corruption and lying on financial documents, during opening arguments in court on Tuesday, July 29th.

The New York Times reports an unexpected plot twist from McDonnell’s defense team. McDonnell’s attorneys claim that Bob and Maureen’s marriage was falling apart, lacking communication or affection. According to John Brownlee, one of McDonnell’s former lawyers, “She [Maureen] was angry for not having enough money, she was angry at him for not spending enough time at home with her, and she hated him for not being available.”

The defense argued that Maureen had a crush on Jonnie Williams, Sr. because he provided things that her husband could not: money and attention. William A. Burck, a defense lawyer, told the jury that Williams frequently visited the executive mansion and that he was known as “Maureen’s favorite playmate.”

Bob McDonnell has agreed to reveal every grimy and embarrassing detail of his decaying marriage to prove how implausible the notion that he and his wife were conspiring together is, as they were barely even conversing at all. Bob McDonnell’s team intends to emphasize Bob’s integrity and stress that financial interventions, such as the ones occurring between Williams and McDonnell, were not out of the ordinary and in fact were necessary to promote state businesses.


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