Uber and Lyft to Return to Virginia

Two months after Virginia banned ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft from operating in the state, an agreement was reached Wednesday which grants temporary state approval for the companies to operate, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Uber and Lyft are both smartphone apps that allow the user to see where their driver is, how long it will be before they are picked up, estimate the cost of their trip and pay for their ride via the credit card number they entered into the app. The operation of these companies was suspended due to concern for the safety of the passengers and lack of regulations for drivers.


The temporary agreement came after intense negotiations between the two companies, the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the offices of the governor and attorney general. The agreement assures the safety of the customers and works to put the companies in compliance with Virginia law, as well as ensure a level playing field for all transportation providers.


Governor Terry McAuliffe said of the deal “In order for Virginia to remain economically competitive, it is important that we welcome innovative companies like Uber and Lyft and provide them with the resources they need to safely and effectively operate in the commonwealth.

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