GOP Member of House of Delegates Offers Solution to Medicaid Expansion

Del. Thomas Rust, a Senior member of Virginia’s House of Delegates is working a proposal that is unique to the state and would bring the standoff over Medicaid to an end, reports The Daily Press.


The new plan would utilize funds from the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage for low-income Virginians. Rust’s plan will use these funds to help working Virginians who fall beneath the poverty line pay their share of employer-provided health insurance. At 70%, most of Virginia’s low wage workers are unable to pay their part of the employer-provided plans.


Rust plans on addressing the concerns raised by fellow Republicans over the expansion of Medicaid. The plan uses language that makes it very clear that if folks in Washington break their promise of funding expansion, the additional coverage would end.


Cost of expansions being shifted to the states can be attributed to Washington’s concerns over the federal debt, which is now over $17.7 trillion. The Affordable Care Act says that the federal government has the responsibility of paying the entire cost of the expansion until 2017. Then, the states will pick up the responsibility gradually and will be capped at 10 percent by 2022.

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