McDonnell’s Fate May Lay in His Own Hands

After 14 days of trials and 45 witnesses, prosecutors have worked hard to show that former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell abused his power and credibility for loans, vacations, and luxury goods. Now the decision of the jury may rest in what McDonnell has to stay when he takes the stand, reports The Washington Post.


The former governor is expected to take the stand in his corruption trial this week to convince jurors that he did not take bribes from Virginia businessman, Jonnie R. Williams Sr., and to represent himself as a public servant with the best interest of Virginia companies in mind.


For the past three weeks McDonnell’s former staffers have testified that they had no idea about the alleged cash, gifts and trips that were given by Williams. They did however, admit that McDonnell did favor Williams’ dietary supplement company, Star Scientific.


Federal Prosecutors hit hard showing pictures of McDonnell taking a ride in Williams’ Ferrari and a Rolex purchased at the request of former first lady Maureen McDonnell.


The defense team holds that McDonnell is an innocent man, and that this will be apparent to jurors as the former governor takes the stand. Experts say that the fate of the McDonnell’s, and their potential future in federal prison, will come down to McDonnell’s testimony.

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