Same-Sex Couples Continue Their Wait to Marry in Virginia

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday that they will uphold the request for a stay regarding the ruling in Virginia’s same-sex marriage case, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Justices granted the request of Michele B. McQuigg, a Prince William County Circuit Court Clerk, and other opponents of gay marriage. According to McQuigg’s lawyers “uncertainty for the public” and “irreparable injury to the commonwealth” may result from allowing same-sex couple to marry before the Supreme Court could review the ruling.


The Supreme Court did not supply explanation or release vote totals for their decision. Carl Tobias a professor of constitutional law at the University of Richmond School of Law remarked that “The cryptic nature of the court’s order makes it difficult to ascertain its reasoning.”


While legal experts were not surprised by the Supreme Court’s ruling, many same-sex couple across the state were discouraged and let down as they had been preparing for weddings. Governor Terry McAuliffe called the ruling “a temporary delay to the inevitable conclusion that Virginians who love each other should have the opportunity to marry regardless of their sexual orientation.

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