Will New NRA Ads Featuring Ed Gillespie Help or Hurt His Campaign?

Last week the National Rifle Association (NRA) debuted a mutli-million dollar ad campaign to push back against Michael Bloomberg’s gun control efforts by focusing in on Senate races throughout the country, including Virginia, reports The Washington Post.

The group distributed a large number of mailings in it’s home state of Virginia (their offices are located in Fairfax county) which featured a Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie.

The ads featuring a smiling Gillespie with the quote next to him with his pledge to “strongly oppose and fight against Obama’s gun ban treaty, any bans on guns and ammunition, a federal gun registration database and government approval for gun sales among friends and family.” These ads were made and distributed by the NRA without the consultation of of Gillespie’s campaign.

These mailings may have upsetting consequences for Gillespie, as the candidate who was nominated by the Tea Party, has focused a large part of his campaign on securing the vote for more moderate voters.

Especially after tragedies  such as the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, these news ads put Gillespie at risk of pushing away voters in Northern Virginia who may not support the second amendment rhetoric.


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