Comments Land Foust in Hot Water

Republican congressional candidate, state Del. Barbara J. Comstock has previously held positions as a congressional aide, lobbyist and Justice Department spokeswoman. However, Republicans jumped on Democrat John W. Foust after he questioned whether his female challenger in the race to succeed Rep. Frank Wolf had “even had a real job”, reports The Washington Post. 

The GOP quickly deemed Foust an insensitive sexist, they were quick to capitalize on his comments as women make up a large voter demographic in Virginia which the Democrats have traditionally been in control of. The comment was made as Foust was questioning Comstock’s commitment to job creation in Virginia.

“This desperate attack shows how out of touch he is with who it is that lives and works in the 10th District and the challenges that working women, working moms and moms at home face everyday by men who demean their many and demanding rolls,” said Susan Falconer, Comstock’s campaign manager in a news release.

Foust claims that he was not criticizing Comstock as a women and denounced his label as a sexist  saying that the Republican characterization was a “stretch”. In a telephone interview Foust explained  that there was “a whole long prelude leading up to that statement, which was focused on her claiming to be a job creator. The statement was in that context.”

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