Kaine Fights to Protect VIMS Funding

Balancing a falling budget and rising sea levels is a daunting task, but that’s exactly what U.S. Sen. Timothy Kaine, D-VA is trying to do, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

Half of the funding for The Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS), which is affiliated with the College of William and Mary, comes from federal grants to research the reasons behind the rising sea levels of coastal Virginia. With budget cuts needs to be made and the federal government tightening its belt some of this funding may be lost.

Sen. Kaine is a member of the Senate Budget and Armed Forces committee and remains a staunch supporter of VIMS and is committed to protect their funding so they may continue their research. Kaine said in a visit to the institute Monday that he will work to ensure that VIMS from the cuts that come from the federal budget sequestration.

“Sequestration hits the research accounts hard,” said Kaine in his visit, “my goal is to reduce as much of the sequestration effects as we can.”

Higher education institutions, including VIMS are exempt from Governor McAuliffe’s across-the-board cuts of 5 percent this year and 7 percent the next; however, they are bracing themselves for the effects of the looming federal cuts.

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