McDonnell’s Daughter Recounts Troubled Marriage

The testimony from the McDonnell’s oldest daughter, Jeanine McDonnell Zubowsky, solidified the defense’s claim of the former governor’s troubled marriage, reports The Washington Post. 

Zubowsky began her testimony stating that she “loves her mother and father very much”, and then started to divulge the secrets of their rocky marriage. She asserted that the responsibilities of her father’s political career often caused him to neglect parenting duties leaving his wife Maureen to feel “frustration, loneliness and anger at times.” Zubokswy also added that the former first lady turned to drinking, soap operas and long baths in efforts to relieve stress.

Zubowsky remembered that her mother worked as a waitress and a typist to help support McDonnell and put him through law school. When his career took off as he became a prosecutor and state delegate, his wife was isolated at home taking care of their five children. The marital problems only worsened as McDonnell’s career continued to rise.

Jeanine was one of four witnesses who testified for Maureen McDonnell’s defense and after her testimony the case was handed back to the prosecutors.

The eldest McDonnell daughter’s testimony supports the defense’s core claim that the lack of communication in the McDonnell’s failing marriage means that it would have been impossible for them to conspire to accept almost $170,000 from Jonnie R. Williams in exchange for the prestige of the governor’s office.

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