How Will McAuliffe Approach Medicaid Expansion

After a tumultuous summer of Virginia politics, it looks like Governor Terry McAuliffe will take a conservative approach to his planned Medicaid expansion, reports The Daily Press.

The expansion of healthcare coverage for the poor made a lot of waves in the Republican controlled House of Delegates this summer, and even led to the threat of a possible government shutdown. Now, it looks like McAuliffe will use his executive power to make the changes he wants; however with the House of Delegates strongly opposed to anything that clears the way for the Affordable Care act he does not have many options.

Quentin Kidd, a political scientist at Christopher Newport University says. “The governor has a choice to do something bold and and by definition confrontational or do something less bold and hope he can build on it later with the legislature.” The signs that are being released from the governor’s office looks like he will be doing the latter and proposing a more conservative plan.

It looks like McAuiffe’s first initiative will take a look at people who don’t have insurance but are entitled to Medicaid whether of not the state decides to use federal funds to expand eligibility for Medicaid. This includes about 61,000 kids, 60 percent of whom are currently living under the poverty line.

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