Virginians React to McDonnells’ Guilty Verdict

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting mixed feelings from Virginia’s residents over the guilty verdict in the McDonnell corruption case.

Many residents were sympathetic to the couple’s personal trials and tribulations, including Alex Schrewsberry of Richmond, who felt “that authorities needed to make an example of somebody, but he also believes there are politicians about whom ‘you might be able to find similar circumstances.'”

Others took a much less sympathetic approach, such as Virginia Tech student Emily Bargamin. She expressed that she felt the jury came to the right decision and she was glad to hear that the former governor broke down in tears as the verdict was announced.

The midterm elections are approaching and the government’s approval ratings are exceptionally low, and the case of Bob McDonnell represented to many the corruption and problems that are happening in government today. With McDonnell soiling the office that was once held by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, it is easy to see how the integrity of today’s politicians has changed.

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