McDonnell Trial Costs Tax Payers $985,000

The private law firm that was hired to represent the staffers of former governor Bob McDonnell submitted their final invoice for $198,000 bringing the final bill to $985,000, reports The Washington Post.

After the staffers had been issued subpoenas to testify in the federal trial in 2013 the private firm was brought on to represent that. Virginia’s attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II (R) stated that he had a conflict of interest and would be unable to represent the staffers.

Former staffers made up a good portion of the 67 witnesses who testified at the six week trial. Included were McDonnell’s chief of staff, communications director, and chief counselor.

While the attorneys of the private firm Baker and McKenzie provided their services to the state at a large discount, the amount of the bill has caused much controversy as the responsibility to pay for it will fall on the taxpayers. The final bill spanned the period of June through August which included the trial.

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