Congressional Candidate Advocates for Tighter Gun Control Laws

Former Virginia lieutenant governor Don Beyer is the Democratic candidate in the state’s 8th district, vying for the seat left open by U.S. Rep. Jim Moran’s (D-Va) retirement. “Eight Ideas in the Eighth” are Beyer’s ideas he is highlighting for voters. First on that list are changes in gun laws, reports The Washington Post.

As Beyer spoke to a small crowd outside his office in Fairfax county, he shared that 30,000 deaths across the nation can be contributed to gun violence, with a majority of them being suicides, noting the necessity for stricter regulations. “Only one-tenth of one percent of the guns in America are used in crimes, so our focus has to be that one-tenth of one percent,” said Beyer.

The candidate’s plan includes revoking the right to gun ownership for people who have been convicted of violent misdemeanors. The federal government already does not allow people with a conviction of domestic violence to own guns; Beyer’s plan would expand upon domestic violence to also encompass violence inflicted on unmarried or intimate partners and former partners who are not currently living together.

Beyer is also advocating for states to pass laws that would help to make it easier for law enforcement officials and family members to petition for gun restraining orders against people that pose a dangerous threat to themselves or others.

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