Warner’s Tensions with Arlington’s Young Democrats Was Misunderstanding

Ed Gillespie was handed and opportunity to scrutinize his opponent for U.S. Senate, Democratic incumbent Mark Warner, reports The Washington Post. 

The President of the Young Democrats, Max Burns, wanted to have Warner for a meet-and-greet with the group. The candidate’s campaign took this as a request to hold a fundraiser for Warner, and they responded that their goal would be to raise &25,000.

This where messages began to be misconstrued. The campaign’s misunderstanding of the request and their response angered Burns causing him to send a tweet saying “@MarkWarner – @ArlingtonYDs would’ve loved to have you chat with us about VA’s young professionals, but it came with a $25,000 price tag”

Republican blog The Virginia Virtucon, escalated the situation when they retweeted the message and wrote the following statement:

“The Arlington Young Democrats invited Sen. Mark Warner to speak to them. You know, because they’re the kind of people that’ll knock on doors, make phone calls, and generally fight in trenched to get people like Mark Warner elected. The Mark Warner campaign said sure – if you can raise $25,000.”

However, the Warner campaign does not charge for meet-and-greet events. The miscommunication was was attributed to “the nuances of communicating over social media.” Burns quickly retracted his statement through a tweet saying “If I have to own this then I have to. I’ll suck up the fact that we did this wrong.”

The situation has now been reconciled and both the Warner campaign and The Arlington Young Democrats are looking forward to working with one another.

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