State Legislatures Still Strike Down Medicaid Plan

The special session focused on Medicaid expansion can be seen as partially productive, as The Washington Post  is reporting that state legislatures have come together to patch the $2.4 billion dollar hole in the state’s budget.

Partisanship was brief however, as Medicaid expansion saw a bitter debate and the bill was ultimately killed before it ever got the chance to go a formal vote. This issue was the primary reason of calling the special session and was among Governor Terry McAuliffe’s top legislative priorities. The expansion aimed to provide health coverage to 400,000 uninsured Virginians.

The heated debate made it clear that neither Democrats nor Republicans had changed their stance on the issue, since the early summer stalemate that almost caused the shutdown of the state’s government.

House Republicans utilized a procedural move that prohibited the bill from advancing to a final vote. The bill died in a 64-33 vote against “engrossing the bill” which means it was not allowed to move on to the Senate.

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