Comstock’s Ad Focuses on Foust’s Attacks

The Congressional race between Republican candidate Barbara Comstock and John Foust may turn out to be one the nation’s most expensive. The Washington Post is reporting that Comstock has come out with a new attack ad focusing on Foust’s “bizarre and sexist” attacks.

Both Candidates are working hard to secure the women’s vote. Earlier this week Foust released an ad that was focused on the issue of abortion and women’s issues. The Comstock ad reprehends Foust for running a “desperate, dishonest, negative campaign” filled with “trash-talking politics.”

The ad’s “sexist” claims is comes as a result to Foust’s questioning if Comstock had “ever had a real job”. Foust defends his comments as being taken out of context and holds that he was being critical of Comstock’s “hyperpartisanism” at the time the comments were made.

While the “sexist” comment was made to hurt Foust’s relationship with the women voters, the candidates campaign is working on positioning Comstock’s voting records as the way to attract women’s support.

“Barbara Comstock said in her own words she wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, and she voted for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds. Those are facts,” remarks Foust’s campaign manager Shaun Daniel. “I guess she doesn’t want to talk about her own record and doesn’t like it when we do either.”

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