Gillespie Goes on the Offensive

Withe just over  a month left before the crucial midterm elections,  Republican candidate Ed Gillespie upped his ante in efforts to secure more voters, reports The Washington Post.

Gillespie focuses his attacks at the 2014 U.S. Senate Candidates Battleground Forum on the front runner, incumbent Democrat Mark Warner. Gillespie painted Warner, a former Virginia Governor as a pawn for the Obama administration, using the President’s poor approval rating as a tactic to deal Warner a blow.

“If Mark Warner had been a senator like he’d been a governor I might not be standing here today. But Governor Warner wouldn’t recognize Senator Warner,” remarked Gillespie at the forum.

During his time at the podium Warner took a different approach as he appeared relaxed, joking with panelists. His comments focused on his across the aisle work with Republican colleagues and called for more bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.

Warner’s strong and consistent lead over Gillespie, recent polls show him 22 points up, has had the Republican candidate scrambling to undercut the Senator’s image. Gillespie has focused on linking Warner to problems such as the current state of the health-care system, threats of terrorism and rising fuel prices. Gillespie called Warner “a blank check for President Obama,” rather than the independent bipartisan politician he is painting himself as.



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