James Carr Puts Up a Fight for the 7th District

To most Virginians, James Carr is not a household name, but the Libertarian Congressional candidate for the state’s 7th District, is out to change that, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

As Carr runs for the seat formerly held by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, his goal is not just to win the election for himself, but to also prove that the Libertarian Party is capable of winning elections in Virginia.

“We are very serious that this could be a year that we put a Libertarian in office, in this district in particular” said Carr in a recent interview. History is not in favor of James Carr as third-party candidates have never been successful in the 7th district. In most cases the third-party candidate, while not winning themselves, has effected the outcome of the elections.

Despite the performance of third-party candidates before him, Carr remains optimistic; however, uphill battle lies before him, as he faces sociology professor, Democrat Jack Trammel and Republican David Brat to whom Cantor lost the primary.

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