Jim Webb Considering Presidential Bid

Former Democratic Virginia Senator Jim Webb  has announced that he is seriously contemplating a potential presidential run in 2016, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. 

In an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington Webb said. “I am seriously looking at the possibility of running for president, but we want to see if there is a support base from people who would support the programs we are pursuing.”

Webb, a single term Senator has said that he has been a part of discussions, that will continue over the next four or five months, “among people that I respect and trust about the future of our country.”

One of Webb’s main issues on his agenda would be America’s foreign policy. He feels that “our foreign policy has become a tangled mess in many cases of what can only be called situational ethics.” Webb wants to focus on creating a clear foreign policy and national security plan so that not only Americans, but foreign allies and adversaries understand when a situation involves  American interests.

A run could pit Webb against the only other clear potential Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has yet to officially announce whether she will be running, despite most signs pointing to yes.

Webb has a diverse resume. He is a decorated Marine and Vietnam veteran who has written several books, a lawyer serving in committee counsel in Congress, has served as both assistant secretary of Defense and the Navy and has worked as a filmmaker and Emmy-winning journalist.

“We are taking a hard look, and we’ll get back to you in a few months” says Webb.

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