New Voter ID Law May Effect 450,000

The Virginia State Board of Elections announced Thursday that almost 450,000 Virginians may lack the proper identification needed to vote in the midterm elections due to the new voter ID law, reports The Washington Post.

The new state law that took effect this year requires voters to present a driver’s license or other form of photo identification before they are allowed to place their votes. Election officials are hoping that more people get state ID cards so their votes can be easily counted. If voters fail to provide photo identification they will need to cast their votes via provisional ballots.

Cameron Quinn, the voter registrar in Fairfax County remarked “It’s so much easier if there is a live vote.” As of now almost 13,690 registered voters in Fairfax lack the proper identification.

The new law has been widely criticized as many see it as unfair to low-income and immigrant voters, who are less likely to have the proper identification. Among the 34 states that have passed laws requiring voters to show a form of identification at the polls, Virginia’s is the strictest.

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