Number of Factors Can Be Contributed to Gillespie’s Lag

Jeff Shapiro of The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a taken a look at the many reasons for Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie’s lag in the the race against incumbent Mark Warner.

Despite a new poll projecting that Gillespie is only 9 points behind Warner, the candidate still has a lot of ground to cover in the next five weeks if he wants to win the election.

In his piece Shapiro contributes Gillespie’s struggle to a number of factors including a lack of funding and poor standing among his own Republican Party, but Shapiro also notes that Gillespie may be the first person to fall victim to the effects of Bob McDonnell’s trial.

For almost five weeks, in a critical point in the campaign, the McDonnell trial blackout news stations with coverage, making it  extremely difficult for Gillespie to get out his story and name. The verdict of the case hurts the GOP candidate as it reaffirms the idea that Republicans are bought and paid for.

Along with the lack of action of campaign finance reform by Republicans puts Gillespie in an unfavorable light. It looks like he will have to do more than equate Warner with Barak Obama  if he wants to start winning public opinion.

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