McDonnell Corruption Case Leads to Delay of Selection for U.S. Attorney’s Replacement

One of the many implications caused by the corruption trial of former governor Bob McDonnell is the delay in selecting the replacement for the US attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Kevin Hall a spokesman for Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), whose office is in charge of the search for a replacement said “We put the process on hold due to the U.S. attorney’s role in the case involving former Gov. Bob McDonnell. The U.S. attorney’s office has been well-managed by a highly respected career federal prosecutor. In coming weeks, we will make decisions about moving this process forward.”

The Eastern District of Virginia’s US attorneys office has been one of the most important federal prosecutor shops in the country. It has almost 300 employees working in Alexandria, Richmond, Norfolk and Newport News.

Dana Boente has served as the interim U.S. attorney in the meantime, and her success has landed her as one of the top candidates for the permanent position. She has served in temporary capacities in New Orleans as well. Ultimately the president will appoint the position, but he does take Virginia senators’ recommendations and from there it is up to the Senate to confirm the nominees.

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