New Energy Plan Focuses on Efficiency and Renewable Sources

Despite it’s higher cost for residents and business owners, Virginia debuted a new energy plan that focuses on developing renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Governor Terry McAuliffe said that the plan, released Wednesday, “will lead out efforts to grow, strengthen and diversify Virginia’s economy.” McAuliffe’s priority is to make Virginia’s economy “stronger…fueled by cleaner and more abundant Virginia energy.”

The state plans to enact policies that will include both traditional and renewable energy sources to increase energy efficiency, according to the new plan.

The almost 500-page document puts an emphasis on four major themes:

  • “Growing untapped areas of the energy sector, including wind and solar generation, biofuels, offshore energy development and nuclear technology”
  • “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering energy consumption in the public and private sectors.”
  • “Investing in energy infrastructure to provide statewide access to low-cost power and promote economic development”
  • “Preparing the state’s workers to fill shortfalls in the energy sector due to an aging workforce”

Understandably, the new plan created a mixed reactions among organizations involved in energy debate.

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