McAuliffe Aid Speaks Out About Puckett Call

Paul Reagan, chief of staff to Governor McAuliffe apologized Friday regarding his phone call to former Democratic state Sen. Phillip Puckett, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Reagan said he acted with “poor judgement” adding “in the fight to expand health care to uninsured Virginians, I was overzealous,” in a statement issued by the governor’s press office.

Controversy arose once it was discovered that Reagan, had made a call trying to convince Puckett not to resign so Democrats could maintain control, thus easily passing the governor’s plan for medicaid expansion. In the call Reagan suggested that if Puckett were to stay on, the McAuliffe administration could help find his daughter a job.

The message further illustrates the level of desperation felt by the Democrats as a result of Puckett’s resignation as Republicans gained power were able to keep Medicaid expansion at bay.

Brian Coy, press secretary for Governor McAuliffe said in a statement Thursday when the situation came to light that “No further conversations about this topic ever occurred. No position was ever formally offered.”

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