Ten Things You Should Know About Mark Warner

The midterm elections are less than a month away and The Richmond Times-Dispatch has some things they think you may not know about Sen. Mark Warner (D).

1. Due to his first two businesses being failures, Mark Warner was living out of his car before he founded Nextel, the telecommunications company that would go on to make him millions.

2. Mark Warner is the richest man in the Senate with a net worth of $257 million.

3. Mark met his wife Lisa at a keg party.

4. During Warner’s 2001 gubernatorial campaign he sponsored a race car.

5. Almost every year Warner hosts a family haunted house for neighborhood kids to celebrate Halloween, his favorite holiday.

6. Terry McAuliffe, despite being three years younger than Warner, was his first boss when he took a fundraising job at the DNC right after he graduated from Harvard Law.

7. Warner was the coach of Harvard Law School’s first women’s intramural basketball team.

8. Warner is a proud member of the Senate Craft Brew Caucus.

9. Warner is also a lifetime member of the YMCA.

10. In 1996 Warner unsuccessfully challenged former Sen. John W. Warner, a Republican, but later became the first Democrat endorsed by him.

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