Ten Things to Know About Ed Gillespie

The Richmond Times Dispatch continues their series and puts the spotlight on Mark Warner’s challenger, Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie.

1. Gillespie grew up working for at his parents grocery store, the JC market, in New Jersey. J and C stand for his parent, Jack and Conny Gillespie.

2. His job as a U.S. Senate parking attendant helped Gillespie pay his was through Catholic University in Washington.

3. Gillespie’s father was and Irish immigrant and he had a picture of JFK hanging in his family’s dining room when he grew up. His first job on Capitol Hill was with Florida Rep. Any Ireland who served from 1977-1993. Initially Ireland was a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party in 1984.

4.   The Gillespie family lives in the  Mount Vernon area of Fairfax on one of George Washington’s old farms.

5. Sunny and Skye are the names of the Gillespies’ two Jack Russel terriers.

6. Gillespie has a  net worth between $8 million and $19 million as a result of founding a Washington consulting firm and his work as a lobbyist.

7.  After his term as chairman of the RNC in 2006 Gillespie competed in the annual fundraiser, the “Funniest Celebrity in Washington”. He teamed up with Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and did a parody of CNN’s “Crossfire” using ventriloquist dummies. Their act came in second to Rep. Linda Sanchez, a Democrat from California.

8. Gillespie became friends with NBC’s Brian Williams during their time at Catholic University.

9. Gillespie and his wife, Cathy, met on a softball team.

10. Gillespie has volunteered his time as a youth baseball, basketball,  soccer and softball coach.

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