10 Things to Know About Robert Sarvis

The Richmond Times-Dispatch finishes their profile of this year’s Senate candidates by giving us ten little-known facts about Libertarian Robert Sarvis.

1. Sarvis uses a the quote from Bob Dylan, “I was so much older then, I am younger than that now” when explaining his switch from being a Republican to a Libertarian.

2. Sarvis has been a supporter of legalizing the use of marijuana and ending incarceration of non-violent offenders. This cause took on a personal meaning as his brother-in-law was sentenced to 24 years in a Mississippi prison for marijuana possession.

3. In 2008, Sarvis founded Wertago which develops applications for Google’s Android operating system. The first project was an event listing and social networking app.

4. While Sarvis is significantly less affluent than his opponents, he still has an estimated net worth of almost $500,000.

5. Sarvis’ mother was born in China and fled to Taiwan when the Communists took over before immigrating to the U.S. in 1960.

6. Sarvis and his wife Astrid named their son Harlan Thomas Sarvis after two SCOTUS justices, John Marshall Harlan and Clarence Thomas. Their daughter Ai-Li Mae Sarvis is named after the couple’s mothers, using their middle names.

7. As a young boy, Sarvis had an excellent rifle shot.

8. Sarvis has climbed Mount St. Helen’s in in Washington State, Mount Whitney in California, as well as Mount Fuji in Japan.

10. Robert Sarvis’ campaign prompted Reason magazine writer Ron Bailey to vow to vote for him. By doing this Bailey defied Conservative pundit Ann Coulter’s threat to “drown” any Libertarian that is not voting for a Republican candidate in any Senate election.

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