Maureen McDonnell Looks to Delay Sentencing

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting that Maureen McDonnell has asked a judge to delay her sentencing  to a least mid-February because of her lawyer’s scheduling conflict.

As of now the sentencing for McDonnell and her husband, former governor Bob McDonnell is scheduled on January 6. The former first lady was convicted of 13 charges including obstruction of justice during a six-week trial last month.

Maureen McDonnell filed the motion because she says at least one of her lawyers will be representing another defendant in federal court in New Jersey on January 6th. She has requested that the sentencing be postponed until after Febraury 16th and says that the U.S. attorney’s office knows about the request and doesn’t take a position on it.

According to Andrew G. McBride. a former Virginia federal prosecutor the judge will most likely grant the motion adding, “Judges generally respect professional courtesy on conflicts.” The delay in Mrs. McDonnell’s sentencing date is not likely to affect her husband.

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