Virginia GOP Urge McAuliffe to Stop Travel From Ebola-Affected Countries

Three prominent Virginia Republicans have begun to put pressure on Gov. Terry McAuliffe to block travelers from Ebola-affected countries from entering the state, reports The Washington Post.

This week Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), Sen. Richard Black (R-Loudoun), and Del. Mark Berg (R-Frederick) wrote in a letter to McAuliffe that he should consider suing Washington Dulles International Airport or the federal government in order to make sure that anyone with the potential of bringing Ebola into Virginia get quarantined.

Marshall stated in a phone interview that, “He [McAuliffe] has significant influence with President Obama because of his personal relationship as a fundraiser for Democrats,” adding that, “He has been given vast powers to protect the citizens of Virginia from a situation we face.”

According to the governor’s spokesman, Brian Coy, McAuliffe received a briefing from multiple departments including health, emergency management, and public safety on the Ebola issue. Coy said that “He has confidence in the professional responders and the plan Virginia has, should we have a positive confirmation of these cases,” adding, that McAuliffe’s office is working on a response to the lawmaker’s letter.

In a statement Thursday from Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond, the hospital said that one patient had been tested for Ebola, the test came back negative, and the patient was discharged.

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