Cost of Proposed Streetcar Divides Arlington Voters

Democrats in Arlington have spent a lot of time hoping that the results of the special election held last spring were a fluke, reports The Washington Post.

John Vihstadt, a Republican-turned-Independent beat out his Democratic opponent, Alan Howze by 16 points in the race for the open County Board seat. Now,  Alan Howze is again challenging Vihstadt on November 4th for the full four-year term.

With hopes that the intense Senate race will cause more voter turn out. Howze is campaigning with more energy than he did in the spring, as he hopes a wave of Democrats who support him and the streetcar, take to the polls.

“The higher turnout, the better it represents the views of all of Arlington,” Howze said while campaigning. Last time there was a Senate election, but no Presidential election was 2006, when 55 percent of county residents came out to cast a vote.

Vihstadt remains confident however, as he sees Howze’s support for the proposed streetcar something that will hinder his numbers. Many voters in Arlington, including Democrats are very weary of the money that is needed to fund the streetcar project, and Vihstadt feels that this factor will help him gain the votes he needs to stay in his position.


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