Virginia Millenials Uneasy About Economic Future

A new poll conducted by Christopher Newport University shows that four out of five millennials in Virginia feel that their generation is going to face more economic challenges than their parents’ generation did at this stage of their lives, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Surveyed were 481 Virginia voters between the ages of 18 and 35 between Oct. 15-21.

Participants in the survey have significant student debt, with the average being $33,500 and 82 percent of respondents saying that it is a significant problem.

The poll also showed that Sen. Mark Warner is leading among 18-35 year olds with 47 percent of the vote. Libertarian Robert Sarvis has 24 percent, Republican Ed Gillespie has 11 percent and 18 percent are undecided.

Quentin Kidd, director of the Wasson Center at CNU said, “The appeal of Libertarian Robert Sarvis among Virginia millennials is clear, but Mark Warner’s position is strong. There is, however, a real question as to whether millennials will turn out to vote.”

The poll showed that 69 percent feel that the high amount of money in politics quiet their voices, and 58 percent are skeptical that the government is really concerned about the problems their generation is facing.

Jobs and the economy were the most important issues to the millennials polled, followed by education, health care and health care reform, the federal budget and taxes and finally the legalization of marijuana and drug policy.


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