Brat, Trammell and Carr Meet for Goodlach Forum

On Thursday Dave Brat, Jack Trammell, and James Carr met at Benedictine College Preparatory to for a Goochlach Chamber of Commerce event, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. The candidates for Virginia’s 7th District made their cases before the voters and clarified positions on a number of topics.

In the first and only joint appearance by the three candidates, Republican Dave Brat, Democrat Jack Trammell and Libertarian James Carr, discussed healthcare reform, immigration, taxation, partisanship in Congress and background checks for gum owners.

Brat further promoted his ideas which are based on free market principles, social and fiscal conservatism, and a limited federal government. “I want to take my skill set up to Washington and fix economic problems and restore confidence in basic American values and institutions,” said Brat.

He added that “The Affordable Care Act is crushing job creation and small businesses across nine counties and cities in the district.” Brat also pointed out that in November 250,000 Virginians will lose their health insurance and that businesses are facing up to a $1.7 trillion burden.

Democrat Trammell, who is also a professor with Brat at Randolph-Macon College, expressed the need for Republicans and Democrats to work together and also highlighted his support for a comprehensive immigration reform plan, and tweaks to the Affordable Care Act. “Business as usual (in Congress) is simply not an option at this time, and this moment provides us with the chance to do something about it,” remarked Trammell.

Carr criticized Brat’s stance on illegal immigration, saying that it undermine’s the Republican beliefs in free-market principles.

“My opponent doesn’t understand that the labor market is a part of the free market. If you are going to apply a principle, apply it to the entire spectrum,” Carr remarked, adding that he has no problem with open immigration to the U.S., “as long as we know they are here. We need to let the people who are here contribute to the economy–keep them in.”

All three of the candidates agreed that the collecting of phone record data by the NSA was a clear federal overreach. They also stood together in support of Second Amendment rights, but all had different ideas of how the government should regulate those rights.

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