Gillespie Harnesses Last Minute Momentum

The Washington Post is reporting that at a rally yesterday morning Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie declared that momentum was on his side as the underdog seeks to unseat the incumbent, Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner.

“I honestly believe we overtook him this weekend and that tomorrow we’re going to surprise a lot of experts in Washington, D.C. and have a big, big day,” remarked Gillespie at a Republican campaign office in the Richmond suburbs, where supporters congregated to help him kick off his last push before the polls opened today.

In a last-minute appeal to voters leaning toward the Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, Gillespie said he more closely reflects their views that Warner.

Gillespie is a former White House adviser, lobbyist and Republican National Committee chairman and is making his first bid for office by challenge Warner, a former Democratic Governor running for his second term. While Warner has a reputation as Virginia’s most popular political figure, Gillespie is challenging him in a year where President Obama’s low approval ratings have nationally had a negative impact on Democrats.

“You can feel the momentum,” Gillespie remarked. “We’ve been seeing big crowds and energy and enthusiasm everywhere we go…You can just feel it on the ground. At the end of the day it’s the votes that matter. And it’s the energy, and the intensity and the enthusiasm. hard work beats big money every time. And we’ve got a hard working group of volunteers. We call it the G-Force, a volunteer army who are truly energized and excited about this campaign. I honestly believe we’re going to win this race and make a big impact on the country we love.”

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