New Voter ID Law Causes Little Issue in 1st Statewide Election

According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch, state and local officials reported no major issues with allowing registered voters to cast their ballots under the state’s new voter ID law requiring photo identification at the polls.

“The implementation of the new photo ID law has been going very smoothly,” remarked commissioner of the state Department of Elections, Egardo Cortes during a briefing in Richmond.

There was one report of a passport not being accepting as valid identification, but after further investigation from registrars in Richmond and Henrico County it was deemed untrue.

Voters in Virginia Beach and Newport News reported that selections other than their choices appeared on touch-screen voting machines. Officials from the state Department of Elections contributed these problems to the machines’ calibrations.

These machines were then taken out of use and were checked, according to officials, and both localities had enough machines that voting continued without delay. Out of Virginia’s 820 touch-screen machines in Virginia Beach, only 32 had to be taken out of service.

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