Could the Senate Race See a Recount?

The Washington Post is reporting that late Tuesday evening U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D) announced his victory over Ed Gillespie (R) after a remarkably close battle. The closeness of this race is projected to hurt Warner’s image as a strong force in Virginia politics.

“It was a hard-fought race. It went a little longer than we thought,” commented Warner, adding “I’ll work with anyone – Democrat, Republican, Independent, you name it -if we’re going to make sure we get out country’s problems fixed.”

As of early Wednesday, all the precincts had reported that Warner had 49 percent of the vote and Gillespie had 48.5 percent. The numbers are so close that Gillespie has declined to concede the race.

“Obviously we are going to accept whatever is the final outcome,” stated Gillespie, “But I owe it to the Voters of Virginia, owe it to all of you, to make sure that the outcome is final before we make any final decisions on this end.”



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