Warner-Gillespie Surprises Pollsters

According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch Tuesday’s midterm elections proved to be unpredictable, even to the pollsters who are supposed to know it best.

This included in the close U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democrat Mark Warner over his Republican challenger Ed Gillespie. As of Wednesday evening Warner led by a mere 16.727 votes out of the 2 million cast. This does not coincide with the comfortable lead that pollsters had projected.

A polled from Christopher Newport University taken one week before the election concluded that Warner had a lead over Gillespie 51 to 44.

Experts said that the results reflect Virginia, a state with an electorate who is subject to quick swings because of their substantial amount of independent and undecided voters.

Peter Brown, a pollster from Quinnipiac University referred to it as “wave” election. He said that “There was a Republican wave Tuesday night.” Brown also added that there is not law of averages in politics. He also noted 2006 as being a wave election for Democrats, when the party won all of the close races.

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