After Long, Hard-Fought Race Gillespie Concedes

The Washington Post is reporting that Ed Gillespie will not be pursuing a recount in the close race between himself and U.S. Sen. Mark Warner as he conceded defeat Friday.

The race between Warner and Gillespie was surprisingly close as Gillespie enjoyed a wave a Republican enthusiasm that aided in the flip of control of the Senate. Gillespie capitalizes on voter unhappiness with the current legislators in Washington and was able to group Warner in with the insiders.

While Warner claimed Victory Tuesday night, Gillespie help off until the continuing canvass of votes across the state showed that he was further behind than he was on election night. Gillespie also said that he and Warner had a “nice conversation” on Friday morning.

“This obviously was a hard-fought race, and I’m proud of the campaign we have run and I loved every minute of it,” said Gillespie to supporters at a Springfield Banquet Hall. He then added with a laugh, “Well maybe not this one so much.”

Warner commended his challenger for a “hard-fought campaign” and said that he plans to focus his second term on reducing the deficit and avoiding further budget cuts do to sequestration.

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