Kathleen Murphy Plans to Run for Seat Vacated by Comstock

With Republican Barbara Comstock heading to Congress, there will be a special election held to replace her seat as the state Delegate for Virginia’s 34th District, reports The Washington Post.

Kathleen Murphy, who narrowly lost the seat to Comstock in 2013 will  once again run for the position. Murphy is a McLean consultant and a former Clinton administration official announced her candidacy Monday with the support of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other state and local Democrats.

On Saturday both parties are expected to pick their nominees. Republicans are planning to hold a fire house rally from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Democrats will have unassembled caucuses between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., although officials say it is unlikely that Murphy will face a primary challenger.

The 34th district encompasses parts of Loudoun and Fairfax counties, and is typically more Democratic than the win by Comstock suggests. In the election last year, Murphy only lost by 1 percentage point.

In 2013 the race between Comstock and Murphy turned vicious as it was apparent of the candidates mutual dislike for one another at public events. Murphy also claims to The Washington Post that Comstock fabricated a “secret plan to raise taxes” in her campaign literature, and accused Murphy, a cancer survivor, of lying to cancer patients.

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