Dave Brat Will Be Only Economist in the House

The election of Dave Brat as Virginia’s 7th District Congressional representative means that he will serve as the House of Representatives’  only member with a Ph. D. in economics, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“If you do send me up there, and I’d be honored if you do, I’ll be the only economist in the House,” said Brat to supporters at an Oct. 15 rally.

Brat obtained his Ph.D. in economics from American University and has been a professor at Randolph-Macon college since 1996 while serving as the chairman of the Department of Economics and Business since 2005. He has also served on the Joint Advisory Board of Economics for two governors and as advised multiple organizations.

Brat is an avid supporter of free markets and cites his hero as Milton Friedman, and Nobel laureate in economics who believed that governments should “wield a feather hand on the marketplace.”

While 27 members of Congress have undergraduate degrees in economics, none of them have their doctorates and none consider themselves career economists.

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