Bob McDonnell Steps Out for Veteran’s Day Event

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was convicted of corruption counts in September and is facing years of prison time, stepped out Tuesday for a Veterans Day ceremony in Richmond, reports The Richmond Times Dispatch.

“I’ve been here for many years. It’s a special day for people who served out country. I just wanted to come and be with fellow veterans to thank them for their service,” remarked McDonnell.

McDonnell is a retired Army Officer and was one of several hundred people in attendance at the Commonwealth Veterans Day Ceremony held at the Virginia War Memorial.

Previously, McDonnell came to the event as an invited dignitary but this year he arrived quietly after the even started and took a place near the back. He was not acknowledged by any of the speakers who included the current Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

McDonnell was approached by several well-wishers during the ceremony and stood conversing with people long after the event was over.

On January 6th Judge James R. Spencer will sentence McDonnell for his conviction of corruption. The former governor would not answer any questions about his case or how he is passing time as he waits for sentencing.

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