Plans to Halt Streetcar Project Leaves Business Owners Uneasy

According to The Washington Post, Arlington County’s decision to abruptly cancel it’s plans for the Colombia Pike and Crystal City streetcar projects creates new uncertainty for people who were interested in transforming the surrounding, aging neighborhoods, say business and civic leaders.

Now property owners along the strip are reevaluating prices at which they think they may be able to sell, as they now predict less demand from developers who were once interested in the prospect of creating a trendy streetcar line. Some, however, are relieved that the plans have been scraped as they feared that streetcars would subsequently bring gentrification that could force them out.

Advocates of the revitalization say county leaders must quickly commit to investing in other transportation improvement projects if they wish to maintain the potential of the area-a commitment which Jay Fisette (D), the Arlington County Board Chairman promised to make.

“The risks have risen significantly for those who want to invest,” said executive director of the Colombia Pike Revitalization Organization Takis Karantonis. “There is no credible transportation proposal in the works. So we find ourselves in limbo.”

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